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Long and Thin: Yes, it’s Spaghetti!

Today is day to celebrate Spaghetti!!!! For me is another excuse to cook and eat it! The ones who know me a little, know that my favorite cuisine is italian. Italian food = comfort, easy, fast, flavour, yummy… And so much more! Spaghetti it’s from a long family of pastas. It’s long and cilindric, and… Continue reading Long and Thin: Yes, it’s Spaghetti!

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Bloody Mary Day, Say it 3 Times?

I’m using this funny/holiday days to celebrate what I love and using them also as an excuse to try new things, things that in a way is on my try later list… Do you have one of those in your head? Mine is long! Bloody Mary! Did you ever tried it? Image source: Jamie Oliver’s… Continue reading Bloody Mary Day, Say it 3 Times?

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October Month Calendar – FREE

Happy Friday, everyone! This is going to be a quick post, just to share with you all, like I promise yesterday, the October Month Calendar. To download the PDF for you to print, click HERE You can print and re-scale as much as you want and in any type of paper. I’ll also print this… Continue reading October Month Calendar – FREE

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October Meal Plan

One of the things I’ve been experimenting is “Meal Planning”… The first week it didn’t go out as I would like, I wanted to be nothing than perfect, figure! The problem was that I at night were prepping dinner (the soup, etc) and the lunch for the next day! Of course, that, in the first… Continue reading October Meal Plan


Travel Around The World – Food Edition

The ones who know me a little, know that I love to travel and go to new places. But unfortunately, sometimes we can’t do what we want and you know what? That is ok! Because maybe one day you will… Just remember that you have to try, because if you at least try to accomplish… Continue reading Travel Around The World – Food Edition

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Fall Bucket List 2017

Here we go again. It’s my favorite season of the year… A perfect time to start things, to plan new stuff, to prepare yourself for another season, another part of the year. The air and colors around change, the clothes get more comfy and warm. It’s time to welcome the warm clothes, those big “blanket… Continue reading Fall Bucket List 2017


UrbanGarden Update

Finally! This update should have been done for some time now… But lots of projects were going on with this area of our balcony, and never were good enough for take any pictures. This is the shelf hubby build for me, and I painted. It isn’t finished yet. We are going to add more on… Continue reading UrbanGarden Update