UrbanGarden Update

Finally! This update should have been done for some time now…

But lots of projects were going on with this area of our balcony, and never were good enough for take any pictures.


This is the shelf hubby build for me, and I painted. It isn’t finished yet. We are going to add more on the right side, so I’ll have more space. Because I’m not done with all planting part, I still want to plant more herbs, strawberries, and have a go on beets, onions and carrots, that’s it if I don’t think of something else!


Potatoes, you can read all about that HERE

The lemon tree, if you follow me on Instagram I just pick the first lemon and dehydrated it, so I can keep it forever. The lemon tree is a little “naked” because I made some mistake on the water part, I water it too much, so that is why the leafs fallen. But it’s getting better, the leafs you see is new ones! So I’m super excited and happy that I was able to save it. I’m hoping that I’ll get more lemons this year, but because of this problem, I don’t know if that will happen.

The raspberry, I’m super sad about it, I have it for sometime and nothing. So, I’m giving till the end of the year, if nothing happens I think I’m going to throw it away. serious don’t know what to do.

Next we have…


The tomatoes! You can read all about them HERE and HERE.

Let’s go up another level…


The basil is in a little pot, I want to buy at least 2 more pots and transfer all to a pot like the one of the parsley and coriander. I had a bad experience with the basil seeds, so I decided I’ll buy them full grow.

Th rhubarb, what can I tell, it’s little, but is growing, the stalks already have that pinkish color, so fingers cross!

The parsley and coriander you can read all about it HERE they are new in.

More to the right…


Bell peppers and chilli also new in those pots, you can read all about them HERE and HERE.

So this is my urban garden for now… Always growing!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!


JustCombined Girl


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