Planting Potatoes

This is a really huge project. Super excited about it…

I watch lots of YouTube videos, also various blog posts, to really understand the process. Because I didn’t expect that I could grow potatoes in my balcony.

The pot would have to be super big and that could be a little expensive, so, when I was doing my research I saw that there exists this “special” bags for planting… I decided to use this big bags we have for groceries. The other thing I need to prepare was the potatoes. Some said that some companies prepare the potatoes so that can get those little growing sprouts, which make the potatoes “ugly” to be in the stores shelfs. But I know from experience that at least where I shop my potatoes, they don’t do that. So i just took 3 potatoes and start the process… You need to put the potatoes of your choice in a warm place so they can be able to grow those little sprouts. This process is called cheating the potatoes, say they don’t like to do it, others say they only plant potatoes like this. And this makes it easier, this way you also see if the potatoes that you choose are going to give more potatoes.

You’ll get something like this:

When you have your potatoes like this is time to plant them.


Open the bag, layer a 4in/10cm of soil in your bag. Place the potatoes, with the sprouts facing up.

Next you should cover the potatoes… And do not fill the bag all the way up!


The next step is to water it!


I put in the bottom shelf of my new urbangarden area, where it gets plenty of sun!


I plant the potatoes on April 9th.

And here is already an update on them…


I took this picture on April 16th! So… Has it grows I’ll be adding more soil until all the bag is full. I didn’t put any soil on this day, but maybe on April 23rd I’ll add some. Because the new potatoes will grow from this sprouts/stalks!

Let’s see how this goes.

I’m also thinking on doing a second bag…

If you have any questions, or suggestions let me know.


JustCombined Girl


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