Transferring the bell peppers

Peppers! Any type of peppers… Bell peppers, chillies… They take so long to grow, be ready to transferring for bigger pots, that is crazy. In the beginning I even think that they wouldn’t grow at all! But a friend of mine, warned me and that I had to be patient!

It was finally time to move the “baby” bell peppers to bigger pots (upcycling pots).

They are still little, but they do have the 4 leafs, so, I’m hoping that with the change for the pot they’ll grow like crazy! Fingers cross, right?

I’m planting 4 pots, although when I decided to plant the bell peppers I was missing one, so I just put the 4th on the side. Planning to buy the water bottle in the next few days to plant it.


To be honest I had a 4th water bottle, BUT, my brain wouldn’t be at ease, because this water bottle wasn’t the same has the other ones, it was different, I wanted that every bell pepper have the same water bottle. Silly, right? I then, decided to transfer the chilli plant, it wasn’t time, but the weather is so good and warm, that I thought it would help the little one to grow faster. In the mean time, I will plant more chilli seeds to plant in the same pot.

Till then…


I plant all in April 9th.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl


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