Planting Parsley & Coriander & n.º18

One of the items of my Food Bucket List is have a Herb Garden, I would do that anyway even if I didn’t have it on the list. Because everyone who have a garden has to have some herbs, right? Lol!

I already have a little basil pot, but I only make it officially when I have enough to fill the special pots I’m reserving for the herbs. Silly, right?

I went to the Farmer’s Market to buy parsley and coriander, I bought the “baby” plants to plant, I thought it would be a little faster and cheaper, then to buy the seeds. I made that with basil, and it didn’t turned out good, only some plants appear and the rest didn’t really grow.

How I planted… I started by layering all the plants I had, so i could see what would fit or not in the pot.

I started to plant one by one till I had all the “baby” parsley planted.

Next, I made the same thing for the coriander “baby” plants.

I plant both on April 14th.

They looked a little down, but in the next day they were super steady and up! Awesome, I was super duper happy! I will at least give a full month or a little more, before I start to use them for cooking.

Already planning the basil pot… Now I have to decide what other herbs I’m going to plant.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl



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