Update – Tomatoes

Going back a month and a few days I wrote all about the planting the seeds and transplanting when they were ready for a bigger pot.

To read the full post click HERE

With that I can say that the tomatoes are here. I found one, hubby found the other and in the mean time I found another. But all the plants are filled with little flowers, so I guess that we are having a good crop this year. I never plant this type, it is supposed to be normal tomatoes. The best crop I had was cherry tomatoes, maybe I should plant some? I think I still have time for them. Maybe?

Here are the photos of the cute little tomatoes what to be all grown up!

This photos were taken on April 16th.

Aren’t they cute?

Let’s see how long it will take for us to see one all grown up, ready for an awesome salad this Summer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl



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