Tomatoes and Yellow Bell Peppers

A few months ago I bought in a sale 2 packages of seeds/mini-greenhouse. It’s time to share with you all that it worked.


Everything that it came in this packs you can find in a store. The mini greenhouse, the seeds and the little discs.

This was the first time I used this discs, let me tell you that they are super fun to use. Because they are hard and super slim, but when you soak them in water, they puff up, ending up super soft and moist, ready to be the base for the seeds.



I made the same process to the tomatoes and yellow bell peppers. Just needed to add a super good, loose soil to protect everything.


End up putting a little bit more water, because my soil was a little to dry. I put the top of the mini-greenhouses and transferred everything to the closed balcony in my kitchen. There it was protected from the cold and had also a little sun in the mornings.

Seeds don’t need direct sun to start to sprout, they do need warm and be protected.


This little ones are the tomatoes. The first 2 leafs are normal, but you can see that the other smaller leafs already have the shape of a tomato leaf. I let all 4 leafs to have a good dimensions, before I put them in a big pot.


This ones are the yellow bell peppers. I was starting the lose hope on this ones. But a friend of mine said that the bell peppers need/take more time to grow. Only now they are having the 4 leafs, still littles, but because the weather is warming up, I’m going to put them in the big pot.


In this image you can see how big are the tomato plants. It was time to move them. I’m recycling 5l water bottles. Beside the fact that it is super cheap, because I’m recycling, it’s also the perfect size for 1 or 2 plants of tomatoes. You just have to cut with a craft knife the top. Also you have to be a little bit more careful with the watering, but because they are transparent, it’s easy to see how the water is in the bottom.



If you are using the discs there is no need to remove them when you transplant the little seedlings. As you can see I have different numbers of plants in each pot, that it was because I put different numbers of seeds in the discs. I always do that, because some seeds may not grow at all. So I have 1 pot with 1, 2 pots with 2 and 1 pot with 3. At this stage I was thinking that the ones that had more than 1, the stronger plant will maintain, and the others would “go” away, but more on that in a future post. Stay tune.


To finish this post I leave you with a photo for you to see how I recycle the bottles into pots. You can use it in vertical or horizontal. I’ll say horizontal if you are planting herbs, or flowers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl


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