Basil Pesto

Everyone who knows me, knows that my favorite cuisine is Italian. But only a few months ago that I tried basil pesto. Shock, right?


The ones in a jar always see like a paste, so obviously I had to make my own.

After making it, I had to plant a big pot of basil, because in our supermarkets, basil isn’t a common fresh herb, it’s only sold in little pots and that can be a little expensive. By doing this I think it shows that I just simply loved it.

It’s perfect in a simple salad, pasta, brush the bread of your bruschetta, with a grilled steak, the sky is the limit.

I made a few changes, although, I didn’t use any cheese, or nuts. It turned out amazing. I tried others after this one, but let me tell you, I still prefer my version, it’s fresher and it makes it easy to use more and more and more!

Of course, this is an awesome version for the ones who are allergic to dairy and nuts.

Basically this is what you need.

2 to 3 cups of fresh basil…


1/2 cup of good olive oil…


Garlic to your taste… (I used dried garlic, because I didn’t have the fresh one)


Salt and 5 pepper mix… Fresh lemon juice (I used 1 whole lemon, I love lemon)…


It’s time to turn on your food processor… And try! The thing missing is a good mozzarella, don’t you think?


You can put the basil pesto in a little jar and put in your fridge! I used mine in 3 days, I was just addicted. But I think it will store good for about 5 days. Because the basil can start to go brownish! I also guess it would be good if you put it in a cube tray and freeze it, this is what I’m going to do next time, a big batch and freeze it!


If you have any questions, or suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl



One thought on “Basil Pesto

  1. As an herb farmer for forty years, I’ve grown acres of basil. Now I just grow 20-30 plants because I use lots fresh, and I love pesto. Before frost, I harvest all the leaves and tender flower tips and pop them in the food processor (several batches overall) with olive oil. I bag and label a few bags of this plain basil, but most of it gets garlic added. All is bagged in 1 c. portions, and those bags are sealed inside a freezer bag. When I want pesto, I thaw out the amount needed and add the grated parmesan cheese, more olive oil, and nuts (I love sliced almonds best, but pine nuts or walnuts work, too.) That way the nuts and cheese don’t get rubbery in the freezer, plus it spreads out the expense and takes less freezer space. And sometimes, I’m using it in a recipe as is, without cheese or nuts, just basil and garlic and olive oil.


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