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The Blog, Shop and YouTube – 2017

The Blog

Just re-read the blog plan I made a few months ago and for me it still is a good plan, still loving it.

I just need to prepare myself BETTER, it’s difficult to prepare posts in the previous or a couple of days before. Specially if it’s in the Recipe categories.

I’ll be using January to prepare 1 month ahead of the schedule blog posts that are in the Blog Plan. This plan will be put in motion in February 1.

This way I won’t be feeling like I’m letting anyone down, specially myself. I want to feel that I’m accomplish something when it comes to the blog. I know it can be lots of fun and special.

Also I want to share more of my creativity and what I do. I’m not a professional, and sure the things I do aren’t perfect, but maybe it can inspire someone and give ideas of what they can do and how.


The Shop

The shop is doing good. There are a few products that are more request than others, and that makes me really happy. Because I can FOCUS on doing more things in that area and not spread my time. Always hoping that my products gives a smile for everyone who purchase it.

The thing that is a little low is the planner stickers, and that is probably normal, there are a lot of awesome shops out there and given the fact that until now I only offered printable products, that probably also didn’t help. I’m still going to have planner products, because as I always said the products available in shop are things I love to make and love for myself, I still have my planner, so I still be making stickers for me, that means I still be listing them in the shop. Although they will be different as they have been until now, for start the stickers will all be printed, (physical products), no more printables, only if you ask for them to be.

There will be definitely more Sticker Quotes (that’s the favorite), and I’m thinking on making different packages/series of the ones that already are available. Also I have new ideas for more and different.

There will be more crafty/handmade products for sure. I’m working on that and I’m super excited about it. Discover some awesome materials to work with, prepare to be surprised.

One of the new products will be launch this weekend. YAY!

Warning: For some of the products I won’t have as many available as for example the stickers, they will be available in a low quantity and sometimes only 1.

I really hope that shop grow this year, I wanted to be BETTER!


The YouTube Channel

This is really fun to make. The first videos were a comedy to make and to see. But as everything I’m still learning, and taking in account that I don’t have any learning time in this, I think I did pretty well in the last videos.

But like the blog, YouTube videos should be prepared with time, because the editing part can take so many hours/days, that when it’s ready I’m like “There is no use to post, because the time as pass!” You know? So, I’m planning everything to start recording the videos this month to go online for the next and so on! And if we take a look this 3 things… Blog, shop and YouTube are all kind of connected. When I’m prepared with one I’ll be half way prepared for the rest.

Besides the “Plan With Me” videos, I’m hoping on doing videos of other subjects like cooking videos. That can be a little tricky specially because of my kitchen, but I’m researching and watching other cooking videos to try to come up with a video plan that works for me. Also, I’m thinking of craft/diy videos too! And maybe gardening, would that be fun?


I have a plan… I want to do BETTER and FOCUS on this 3 parts of my life. Because not only they make me happy, but they also will bring me feelings such as accomplishment and proud of myself.

For each one of this parts of my life, I’ll be doing a Vision Board (Cori – The Reset Girl) to give me inspiration, motivation and remember where I want to be and do.





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