New Year

I’ve been in a little bad place in terms of inspiration and strength to do stuff! I want to do things and I have new ideas, but it seems I’ve been struggling when it comes to make them. It’s like someone suck all my motivation, and when I do start making something there’s a bad outcome. Guess what? Yeah, I just give up!

(This paragraph it’s depressing!)

I watch some videos from Cori – The Reset Girl – and it was like finding a light in the end of the tunnel.

It was I had taken a bath of inspiration and motivation. Hubby is super supportive, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes is difficult for me to explain how I’m feeling. I do think to myself “You are so supportive and positive for everyone else, how can’t you do that for yourself?” Normally is like that, right? We are better to talk to others then for ourselves.

But after I saw the videos from Cori, I really start thinking differently, and considering, maybe I’m seeing everything in the wrong way. Maybe instead of working so hard to push myself towards the things and life has it is, maybe I should see it in a different way, and try to change things around me, instead of changing me for those things.

Life will just happen.

Everyone is saying, “Did you make your resolutions for the new year?” “It’s finally this year that you are going to get pregnant?” The pregnancy thing is the one that annoys me the most! Because I know I have 32 years old, but I still have lots of time, and I’m not feeling it. We had an “almost” a few years ago, it was exciting, and sad when the test came. But after that I didn’t think of it anymore. I do want to have a baby, but I need a few more years, plus when our baby comes I want to be able to give him or her the world, and right now we can’t do that. Even if people say that it’s possible, I don’t want to live in a financial struggle just because I bought a teddy bear. You know what I mean? I’m pushing this kind of stuff aside. Separate me from this kind of pressure. This is one part…

(I start writing because of the resolutions and then it just went to other subject. Saw the transition, right? It was an outburst! Carry on!)

We have a tradition that at midnight to the new year we wish 12 wishes eating 12 raisins. I wish for the same thing… I know I know, I can’t tell! But I’m guessing that by the end of the post, you will know.

(Is there anyone reading it? LOL!)

Basically I’m forgetting the resolutions, see the new year as a new opportunity to start over, to change things, make a RESET on me and in a way in my life. Also side by side, I embrace the challenge to pick a word for the year. Embrace that word and find in it strength, inspiration and motivation.

But I have a problem I picked 2 words! LOL

Although I think it doesn’t matter, right? The important thing is for us to feel good about it and I do feel good, amazing even.

The first word is BETTER.

Be BETTER with my life… Life is hubby, Maggie, our home, my friends, my shop, this blog, family!

And for all of this and more, I need first to be BETTER with myself.

Here will come in the self-care part! Take care of myself, because I’m not good at it and I can’t do nothing and be nothing if I don’t take care of myself first, right?

The second word is FOCUS.

I need to FOCUS on my goals, on what I want for my life, on what I want to be, on what I want to be BETTER! “Isolate” myself from the chaos that sometimes is my life! Silence some “noises”!

2017 will be for me a year…

To be BETTER and FOCUS on myself. So I can be what I want and have the life I want, with hubby, Maggie, my friends and family!

It won’t be easy, because I know I will have to force myself sometimes and remember of my goals… But I also know that I won’t be alone.







2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. LADYDUDE! I totally relate. My inspiration levels are through the roof but the followthrough and motivation… woof. It’s been a struggle, but I too am very hopeful for a fresh start in 2017. I’M CHEERING YOU ON!!! And here’s some unsolicited advice, lol! You’re such a brilliantly creative person and I admire the projects you’re always sharing online. Focus less on pressuring yourself to get it all done and instead go with the flow and enjoy your creative process. This is something I’ve been trying to do, myself, so I know it’s easier said than done 😬 But I think your resolutions are the right place to start!!!

    PS I am 31 and hearing about baby business from everyone is so LAME. You do you, lady. Everyone else can butt out hahaha


    1. You always make me smile… Thank you Kara! I really appreciate your advice and I think you are right! Just do what I want to do… Not do what I have to do!
      Baby business! 😂😂😂 Sometimes I just want to say: You want a baby? Go get yourself one! 😠 😝 😂


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