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Fall Bucket List – First Update

I have less than 1 month to complete my Fall Bucket List!!!!

Where the time went???

But I did do some of my selected items!

Autumn leaves

  • Watch Fall/Halloween movies – We did this one on IGGPPC Hallowiggles! So I guess we just watch Halloween themed movies. That were Garfield Halloween Adventure (old animation is the best in my opinion), The Babadook (strange and scary movie), HalloweenTown (we watch 3, it’s Disney movies, so fun and simple) and we also watch The Covenant (hubby really likes this one). This was on Oct. 30th!
  • Turn clocks back – Was this past weekend as well… So the day was very strange, it always is for me. The good thing is that when we get up, the sun is already starting to rise, the bad thing is that it gets dark too early, so it seems that I have less time, less day to do things. I just panic! And my energy levels are lower… This happens to you too?


  • Wear Scarves – I got to do this one early in the month. We were having some colder days, before the crazy hot weather came back. Hopefully, is gone now! Cold is coming!
  • Decorate for Fall – Yes! I did do this with a few DIY’s! Isn’t ready yet! I just need to make more felt flowers! Which it turned out super cute! I’m definitely doing them again for Spring.


  • Decorate for Halloween – This definitely wasn’t the decoration I wanted to do! I was hoping to make more… But I didn’t realize how much time that it would be necessary! Next year I’ll be prepared! Next year I’ll start making in September. Although I sew some cute 20161023_110943

Halloween hexies, that I receive on a swap, in a t-shirt! It turned out so good, that I want to make more! For Christmas I would love to fill an entire front of a tshirt! LOL!


  • Plant Bulbs – Hubby pick this mix in the beginning of the month (October). I wasn’t going to plant them all,20160925_082430because it’s too much. The ones left, I gave to a neighbour. I plant 6 in total. I have the pots outside, I’m not to worry about the cold, because they are still protected with the soil.

Well, I’m all update with the Fall Bucket List. At least the sharing part! If everything goes as “planned” I’ll check a few more items this weekend!

What are you up to on this Fall season???

If you have any question, or suggestions, let me know!


JustCombined Girl


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