Shop “News Leak 2”

Everything is almost ready to launch the big product on November 1st.

Just finished the last details on the design that will be the starting point on the first box of December.


I love it! Was super fun to make it. When it comes to the color, I mix the traditional and some modern ones.

As soon as the this image was getting done, I realized that everything else was good to go! Everything went to is place. You know what I mean?

Now is the not so fun part. It’s the preparing how I’m going to send everything to you. I guess I can’t name this as a box, because boxes are heavy which means the shipping costs will be high! So I’m thinking on a different kind of package, beautiful and cool, but lighter…

In the first post regarding this subject I said that it would be discounts if you purchase more than 1 month subscription. I have the confirmation, that I’m going to be able to do some discounts! Yay! Good news, right?

I guess this is it for now… I’ll make one more post about this! I’ll be showing how you will receive all the goodies!

If you have any questions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl




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