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YouTube & New Product

Things have been a little crazy, aren’t they always?

But it’s been difficult to just sit down and write posts for the blog. I hope everything slows down a little, so I can sit and plan at least 1 month of posts! That would help a lot!

But I didn’t want to pass this opportunity to announce a new product of the shop AND my first video on YouTube!

The new product was an absolutely most for the shop… Star Wars Sticker Quotes!

Here is a sneak peak:


You can find them in my shop! You know the link??? Really??? Anyway, not everyone knows it so… HERE

Next, and I’m really excited about this, is my first video on YouTube!

Yes I created a channel and yes, I’m going to post videos of my planning, maybe some crafts, journaling, The Sims gameplay and I really hope I can figure out how to do some cooking videos too! That would be awesome, right?

Well, fingers cross!

But for this first video, things were super difficult, my laptop, as some of you know, isn’t very well, plus some more annoying things and some bad luck, we finally got the video ready! Although when I was watching it this morning, I saw that there was an error, don’t know what that was about, but it’s there. At least for now… I will remove it! Soon… Today hopefuly, and put it to upload during the night.

But you can still watch it, just skip this part, it’s at 8:12 to 12:01. The music is so awesome, you can just change to a different window and listen to it. It’s super fun and happy… I really love this music, it’s called Carpe Diem.

Click HERE to watch my video!

Well hope you like everything!

If you have any questions/suggestions, let me know.


JustCombined Girl


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