Shop (News “Leak”)

Since I open the shop that I’ve been dreaming with a box/package full of everything I love for myself and to create.
I think it’s time for that! Starting in the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas!

The JustCombined’s Box/Package will have:

  • 2 Recipe Cards with Recipes (1 savory & 1 sweet, I’ll take in consideration what you eat)
  • 1 Pin (2,5cm/1in)
  • 1 small Calendar (6cmX7,5cm / 2,4inX3in)
  • 1 big Calendar (12,5cmX12,5cm / 5inX5in)
  • 2 Cards
  • 1 Bookmark (that you can also use as a planner dashboard)
  • 1 pack of Stickers
  • 9 Journalcards

Everything will be decorate and design according to the theme of the month! Keep in mind that what I design for this box/package will be exclusively for the box/package, it won’t be available in or for the rest of my products.

You will be able to order the box/package between 1st – 15th before the month of the box/package itself, and I’ll send it during the 20th – 25th.

The price for the box/package will be 10€, although everything that’s in the box it’s worth around 18€ if I would sell it separately in the shop.

And if you are wondering, I will try my best to keep the shipping costs low, but for what it’s becoming usual in all my physical products, I’ll offer you digital products, because, again, shipping costs are a pain!

This will be the one of 3″leaks” of info about this… So if you read all my blog posts you are lucky! 😉 

The first box will be available to purchase during November. 1st till 15th.

Also, I’m working on making some discounts in case you buy more than 1 box at the same time. So that is definitely happening. When I have more info, I’ll write another post telling you all about it!

Well, hope you are just excited as I am…

If you have any questions, let me know.

JustCombined Girl



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