My Urban Garden – September

I have a little urban garden, that I’m super proud.


Last year I just put everything away for Fall/Winter. But this year I’m trying to plant some plants according to the season. Also hubby said that maybe it could be possible to “build” something like a greenhouse to protect everything from ice nights!

I still didn’t pick which plants I’m going to try for the next coming months! Still searching, but if you have any suggestions, let me know.

But now, what I have.



They are still growing as you can see.


For sometime, I thought the plant wouldn’t give more strawberries next year, but from what I search they do give, I just have to protect them from the cold. When it comes I’m going to transfer the 3 pots to the closed balcony we have in the kitchen. They will make company to my orchid.

Next is my cherry tomatoes.


Don’t know what happen this year, but they are growing super slow. And 2 of them seam to be having some problems.  So I cut all the “dead” leaves, and fingers cross that helps, giving them a some new strength!



I also found this little mushroom!


I remove it from the pot, because I’m 99% we shouldn’t eat it and also the tomatoes can have some problem with it!

My lemon tree!


Isn’t amazing? And yes I have 1 lemon, that is growing strong.


Now the tree is in a small pot. But I have plans in the future to transfer it to a much much bigger pot. Although I’m a little afraid that might stress the tree. I have to go to the farmers market and talk to the farmer I buy my plants and see what he thinks!

When it’s time to pick the lemon half I’m going to use, the other half I have plans to dehydrate and keep it. It’s my first lemon, I have to keep some kind of souvenir.

Now for my basil.


I think, in the last time I pick from it, I pick too many leaves. Some stalks died and the leaves got a little yellowy. Sorry, Basil! My idea now, is, because I use it so so so much, buy at least 3 new basils and plant in a bigger pot. This way I can pick as much as I want without causing any harm.

Also, I plan to buy parsley and coriander! This ones are the next 2 fresh herbs I use the most in the kitchen.

I know I have one more pot to talk about it. It’s the one between the strawberries and the tomatoes. That pot made with an old jug of water have ginger! Stay tune, because I have one post just for this one. In that post I’ll explain everything, how I did it and what I know from what I research.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

JustCombined Girl


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