Dried Tomatoes Pasta

Italian cuisine is one of my favorite. Every week we eat a pasta dish and pizza!

This are dishes that can be super easy and quick to make, plus cheap, because you don’t need to have fancy and expensive ingredients to cook a yummy and tasty pasta or pizza!

Even me make some huge mistakes in the kitchen. I tried a few months ago to dry tomatoes in my oven. And it went like this… When I first check it they need more time, the second time they were almost there, the third time they were burned! I was really really frustrated and angry, so I didn’t do it again, because it was a little expensive experience.

There is a zone in one of our local supermarkets that have products 60% or more off, we always check it out, I found dried tomatoes, so I thought it was a good opportunity, because it really can be an expensive ingredient, to buy it and try cooking with them.

So, what better way to use it then in a pasta dish!

I just went with everything that we like and have already, I didn’t use any other recipe as inspiration.

Are you ready?

The ingredients are:


– 2 cups of mushrooms
– 1 medium onion finely sliced
– 250gr / 9 oz pasta (any type of pasta)
– 1/2 tsp dried garlic
– 55gr / 2oz of chopped dried tomatoes
– Salt
– Pepper
– 4 tbsp of the olive oil from the dried tomatoes
– Fresh basil

First, cook your pasta, according to the instructions on the package. When it’s done, drain it, keep a ladle of the cooking water, set it aside. Keep the pasta on the pot that you cook it, without the reserve water.

In the mean time, as your pasta cooks, you can start with the other ingredients. Grab a skillet, put the dried tomatoes olive oil, the onion and the mushrooms, on medium high heat, to start the caramelize process. Don’t forget to stir every once in a while. When the mushrooms and the onions start to have some color add the dried garlic and some of the fresh basil finely chopped. Stir and let the ingredients caramelize to your taste. Add the chopped dried tomatoes, giving it a couples of minutes.

Grab the pot with the cooked pasta, add all the ingredients in the skillet to the pasta pot. Put a little of the water just to help the oils, etc, to coat the pasta, this you should do on a medium heat, just until the pasta starts to absorve all the yummy and tasty flavours.

And yes, you are done.

Transfer to a plate.

3 2

Sprinkle the rest of the chopped fresh basil.

Or, you can go to another level, as I did. I had leftover mozzarela and olives stuff with peppers in my fridge. So, guess what? I chopped thye olives and add everything to our past dish.

5Β 6

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to share your photos, just tag me on Twitter and Instagram.


Bon appetit!

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

JustCombined Girl


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