Bucket Lists

Month Theme – Fall

For the ones who don’t know me, I tell you right now… I have two favorite times in the year, the first one is Christmas, the second one it’s Fall!

The weather is still not where it should be. The temperature is super high and I don’t know what to wear anymore! Am I the only one? If not, scream with me, because this is annoying! That’s one, of many, good things about the cold, if it’s cold you just add more comfy clothes, sweaters, coats… But if it’s to hot, what can we do??? We serious can’t take our clothes off, especially if we aren’t at home. LOL

Fall in my house, as the years go by, is getting more and more addicted! The cooking and the baking just goes crazy. And with the addition of my new fireplace in the mix the decorations will go wild this year!

Time goes so fast, sometimes, that if we don’t write down all the awesome things we want to do, we tend to forget them. So, I made a list, my Fall Bucket List for this year. Somethings I’ll be doing “alone”, others hubby will be joining the fun, at least to eat! LOL Yes, because that is one thing about hubby, he is always ready to eat, especially meat and sweets!

Autumn leaves

– Try a new soup recipe
– Bake a fancy apple pie
– Take pictures in fall leaves
– Buy fall scented candles
– Visit a farmers market
– Start knitting a scarf
– Decorate for Fall
– Decorate for Halloween
– Bake a fancy pumpkin pie
– Collect pinecones
– Cook a turkey
– Plant bulbs
– Wear scarves
– Drink homemade apple cider
– Turn clocks back
– Cook beef stew
– Catch falling leaves
– Watch fall/Halloween movies
– Drink a pumpkin spice latte
– Bake Pumpkin bread
– Bake a cake
– Enjoy a scenic Fall drive

With this list it will come some diys/crafts and recipes, that I’ll share with you as I make them. If you want to, please join the fun, or if you have some ideas share with me, please.

I really would love to see if you do this list too, just tag me on Twitter or on Instagram, even if you are only doing a couple of them.

Happy Fall

JustCombined Girl



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