My Planner Monthly Layout for September

My first post, with the new blog plan. How exciting it is?

This posts will be super simple, I just want to share with you my month, and how I use the kits that I created.

September for now, it will be mark with our wedding anniversary, welcoming Fall, tv show premiers and a few days of vacation! Of course I can’t forget the “Silly or not so Silly” holidays. This is something I started with my planner, and normally when life don’t get in the way, we usually have lots of fun!


As you can see I used almost everything on the kit, the rest of the decorations I’ll probably use in the weeks.

The “Silly or not so Silly” holidays for this month are:

  • Sep 5th – Cheese Pizza
  • Sep 6th – Read a book
  • Sep 9th – Teddy Bear
  • Sep 12th – Chocolate Milkshake
  • Sep 13th – Think Positive
  • Sep 14th – Salami
  • Sep 28th – Ask a Stupid Question

If you know some that aren’t here, please let me know, I would love to add them to my list!

And the for the tv show premiers I’m super happy with:

  • Sep 19th – The Big Bang Theory
  • Sep 21st – Empire
  • Sep 22nd – Grey’s Anatomy
  • Sep 23rd – Last Man Standing
  • Sep 28th – Code Black

Besides our wedding anniversary, I’m also excited about Fall… Super excited!

How is your September looking? What are you most excited about??

JustCombined Girl



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