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My Food Bucket List – N.º 16 – Update

Last April 16th was Eggs Benedict Day… So the better way to celebrate it was to make some! And also I would check it on My Food Bucket List.


It was really a simple recipe to make. The bread I bought it in my grocery store, the eggs I use the technique from Jamie Oliver, you can watch his video HERE.

Next was the Hollandaise Sauce. This can be a really tricky sauce if you not pay attention and have time plus patience to make it. I don’t want to scary you, I just want to warn you, if it’s the first time, like it was for me, you have to have this 2 things… Time & patience!

I use the recipe from Jamie Oliver book Jamie’s Comfort Food! But you can fid the recipe HERE.

The verdict… It’s amazing! Super buttery and lemony! I really recommend you to try. Next time I want to try with aspargus also. I think it would be super yummy!

What is your opinion on Eggs Benedict? Ever tried to make it?

If you have any questions!
JustCombined Girl



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