Bucket Lists

Food Bucket List – N.º 2

For Valentine’s Day I made for hubby a Giant Cookie… He loved it!

If I’m not mistaken it didn’t last 24hours! That is a good sign, right?

But it was an adventure making it, there were moments that I wanted to throw everything in the trash and move on with my life! BUT… I keep going!

The dough itself was pretty easy to make, no problems in that.

Problem 1: I made my own Nutella (as usual), nut-free, although I miss a ingredient, that made the spread super runny. But at this point I thought this wasn’t going to be a problem… (oh boy, was I wrong!)

Problem 2: The pan I choose was bigger then my cooking paper, so I had to put 2 sheets, which made a difficult task when I was spreading the dough!

Problem 3: Because of the runny Nutella, when I was about to put the rest of the dough, to create the “sandwich”… There was Nutella everywhere, but not in between the layers! So no “sandwich” no layers!

At this point I seriously didn’t care about it anymore… It taste amazing! So I guess it would be ok! Also the main thing, the dough, was the right consistency, no problems in that!

At the end the Giant Cookie, was a success… Hubby loved it! I loved it! I will be doing it again, that I guarantee! It’s a great way to bake cookies, whithout the trouble of various batches, being sure that they are the same size, etc!

For the recipe I use this one…


And I recommend! It’s super tasty, plus, as I said super easy to do! One note, I did double the recipe, it was totally worth it!

Now, some photos of my Giant Cookie!

Giant Cookie

The color is a little different, darker… Why? Because of Problem N.º 1!

JustCombined Girl


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