Bucket Lists

My Food Bucket List

Like I said in the previous post, I’m doing a Food Bucket List for this year…

This list isn’t only about food, but other things related. You’ll understand as soon as you start reading it!

As I start checking the list, I’ll do a post writing everything about it, pictures and all!


1-Bake a cheesecake
2-Bake a giant cookie
3-Bake a red velvet cake
4-Make waffles
5-Cook 30 recipes from 30 different countries 0/30
6-Cook all the recipes in a cookbook
7-Cook an entire meal from another culture
8-Try every Pringles flavours 2/37
9-Eat at the Hard Rock Cafe
10-Cook a giant burger
11-Bake 20 different types of bread 3/20
12-Make cake pops
13-Make an ice cream cake
14-Make sausages
15-Make Bagels
16-Cook eggs benedict
17-Cook pancakes in the shape of heart
18-Have a herb garden
19-Take a cake decorating class
20-Taste an exotic fruit
21-Buy a pasta machine
22-Eat at 15 different Food Trucks 0/15
23-Make barbecue sauce
24-Make fresh pasta
25-Buy 3 Nordicware pans 0/3
26-Buy a super kitchen robot
27-Try/make fondue cheese
28-Taste caviar
29-Bake chocolate fondant
30-Cook curry from scratch
31-Make crispy crackling
32-Make a beef Wellington
33-Cook a meal from molecular cuisine
34-Make macarrons
35-Go to 5 food markets 0/5
36-Make pretzels
37-Bake pop tarts
38-Taste truffles
39-Bake pineapple upside down cake
40-Cook french onion soup
41-Make a Thanksgiving meal
42-Learn how to use chopsticks
43-Make a souflee
44-Make homemade butter
45-Make ketchup
46-Buy an iron pan 0/1
47-Make a gingerbread house
48-Make strawberry jam
49-Cook mac’n’cheese
50-Update my kitchen utensils

For the N.º 5 and N.º 11 I’ll soon be doing the lists, so I don’t lose too much time searching when I have time for them.
N.º 6, I will choose the cookbook tonight, so I can share tomorrow!
Besides this 3 I don’t I really need any previous preparation… Maybe some on N.º 7!
And I’m sure I’ll need help with the N.º 8!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions.

JustCombind Girl


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